Jen Essential Oils and Healing

Welcome! I'm Jennifer, and I'd love to have you join me for a while! I would like to share some amazing ways of living, healing, & enjoying life that I believe can help each of us. Come aboard, and we can learn some exciting things together! I  have some really wonderful information that I can't wait to share with you

As you might have guessed, Animals (young or old, wild or domestic) are a passion of mine.

It was the way my Dogs reacted to Essential Oils and other Integrative Healing methods that introduced me to this "New World," and they are now my partners  as we travel through it together. 

Plant-based Oils  have been used  in almost every culture for over 5,000 years.  However, we have allowed ourselves be caught up in a world of Toxins and Synthetic Chemicals. Doctors just keep prescribing them, and we keep taking them. Nature has the remedies for the lack of balance in our lives. We just have to learn how to attain them.