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Goodbyes are Most Often the Hardest Decision We Must Make as Pet Owners. 

It May Feel Like You Are Completely Alone, But You are Not!


While not Face-to-Face, You Will Find that There is Always Someone to Talk to on Facebook! There are So Many People Out There Who Mourn Their Pets in the Same Way That You do. Sometimes We Don't Get That Type of Understanding From the People in Our Daily Lives, but You Will Certainly Find it Here. 


Grieving Pet Loss Support Group

This is a respectful and nonjudgmental place to support one another in our time of grief. We are here to share our experiences and give support in hopes of helping you with your healing. Be kind, respectful and supportive and remember that everyone grieves at their own pace. Just know YOU ARE NOT ALONE in this journey and we are all here for you. Share your stories and pictures of your loved one(s) as it does help.


Jack McAfghan Heart to Heart Pet Loss Support

This group is dedicated to healing - ourselves and each other. We do it with the help of the Jack McAfghan series of books which we strongly recommend that your read. The messages and lessons gained from the memoirs of a dog on Life After Death are what set this group apart from all the others. If you are really ready to heal your grief and grow from it, we welcome you!


Loss of a Beloved Pet

Grieving and sharing the grief of all of our deceased pets. This group is not just for dogs and cats. If it was your pet and you loved it, you will be welcomed here. Sharing stories and photos of our deceased pets.

Pet Loss

Ever Lost A Pet? This is a place to share stories of your lost animal companions and pets. Many many people have similar experiences, however; this is often a topic invalidated by others. Regardless of the lack of attention paid to pet loss, our animal friends give us more than could be expected. So, share your fondest, funniest, saddest, or special memory of your lost pets with us. Share pictures! Their importance in our lives live in our memories and their mark on our heart.

Pet Loss Grief and Terminal Illness Support Group

Grief and pain can be excruciating and very hard to bear. Grief can be a very confronting emotion and it affects us all differently. I want to provide a place where members can express their emotions, be able to read helpful information when we are dealing with this pain and have a supportive environment where members feel they are listened to and not judged for how they feel.

Pet Loss Grief Support

his group is to support one another through the death of a beloved pet. Whether it be a cat, dog, horse, or any other pet, everyone is welcome. All that I ask is that we be respectful of other's beliefs. Everyone experiences grief differently and has different spiritual views.

There is no right or wrong, just support.

Pet Loss Grief Support Group-Australia

We are all different and have different ways of dealing with the loss of a pet and therefore we will try to help you through your grief as best we can. Just remember – YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We are here to offer compassionate love and understanding that hopefully will help to aid you through your grief and guilt that you may have and give you hope again while assisting in your healing process, however long that may be.

Pet Loss & Healing Support to the Train of Recovery

This is a loving group where people share their stories of personal loss of their beloved pet(s). We want to help those who are

hurting and/or grieving. We've all been there! I am the author of two rainbow bridge books, Ruby Crosses The Rainbow Bridge and Rhansym Crosses The Rainbow Bridge. I am currently working on a third book incorporating many of your pets in it.


Pet Loss Support

This site is dedicated to all the wonderful companion pets that have been a comfort and joy to us during their entrusted stay with us.

They grow old far too quickly but leave indelible memories in our hearts.

This is a “Tribute Site” to share your pictures, poems, letters and thoughts to

begin your healing journey from loss.

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