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Understanding Animal Ministers and Chaplains

Interfaith animal chaplains provide a

variety of services to their community, including pet loss grief support, memorial services, prayer for animals who are sick or injured, being present at a clinic to comfort the bereaved, and providing support during surgery or euthanasia. Just like other clergy, they try to be there for the cyclical challenges of sharing your life with pets.  As we become more and more connected to the animals with whom we share our homes, issues of illness and death become greater matters

of the heart. Sometimes we need support and this is where a chaplain is helpful.

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What is Animal Chaplaincy

We must collectively elevate our relationships with animals. Not only do they need our prayers and conscious intention to survive and thrive, but we need their wisdom and midwifery to higher realms of divine consciousness and experience, which they offer to us ever so generously. We must all become allies and advocate of Animal Ministry; bringing humans closer to spirit by fostering connections through co-existing and learning from animals.


Animal Chaplains

We provide pet loss grief support and perform memorial services, pray for animals who are sick or injured, as well as many other services. We can come to a clinic to comfort the bereaved, hold hands (and hearts) during surgery or euthanasia, or perform a memorial service at the client’s home, track or barn, or in a park. Our philosophy is gentle and respectful. 

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“You Have a Church for Cats?”

The Service of an Animal Chaplain

Animal chaplains primarily help people with end of life care and the grieving process for the animals who often become an integral part of our families but whose deaths we tend to not process as fully. The job can also entail working with animals in shelters, addressing behavioral problems through inter species spiritual practices, and animal advocacy. 

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